Introducing Sarah Hardy

Early Years

“Even a fragment of 17th century clay pipe found in a field was fascinating as a young child as this was a little piece of history. I think my mother’s antiques shop made me curious about every item’s provenance.”


Becoming a Food Artist

Turning her sculpting skills to food, she was soon in hot demand with ad and PR agencies. Her speciality was sculpting lifelike cake creations for clients and projects like The Jonathan Ross Show, The Odeon, Fanta, Hello Kitty, Sega, Aldi, Hamleys and Greggs. Agencies loved her show stopping food art such as a severed head cake, 5ft tall Hello Kitty, the Alien face hugger from paté and pretzels, leading footballers' portraits in bread, and portraits painted on popcorn!

The Start of The Edible Museum

Why do you do it?

Sarah says “I love what I do. I get to be curious and create intriguing things out of delicious chocolate and this makes me happy. I get to make things that look like things that aren’t tasty… and then they are tasty. It’s definitely a thing…”
“I get to spend hours creating confectionery that looks amazing and gets eaten in minutes. Why? Because the ‘OMG, Wow!’ moment that my customer gets to gift to someone SO worth it for both me and the person gifting.
Life is short and very cool. Celebrating it with moments of joy is essential!”

When not working on the museum Sarah refuels with horror movies, chocolate, prosthetic make-up fun, dancing to funk and trips to museums, chocolate, fossil or bug hunts, chocolate and dreaming up the next crazy ideas.